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Men’s apparel that’s built to last. Sharp and simple.

Darn Tough Vermont Merino Wool Boot Full Cushion Socks

Step aside, SmartWool, there’s a better sock. These Darn Tough socks are indeed pretty darn tough, but they’re also extremely comfortable and make even the toughest boots feel like house slippers. The nice thing about buying someone socks for Christmas is that you can afford the very best, and everyone can always use another pair of great socks.

$15.91–$25.45 on Amazon

Dahlia Acrylic Colorful Stripes Tassel Ends Knitted Long Scarf

Buying someone a scarf for Christmas is kinda like bringing a bottle of wine to a dinner party. If that’s your thing, buy this one. It’s soft. Really soft. Even the toughest man doesn’t want something rough and itchy hanging around his neck all day. With a variety of colors, you’re sure to find one that does the job.

$23.45 on Amazon

Filson Jac-Shirt

This is quite simply one of the best garments I own, and it’s available on Amazon. You get what you pay for, and if you’re looking for a really special gift that’ll stand the test of time, you’ve found it. Filson makes quality stuff, and this is one of their best. It looks better in person than in photos, like a lightweight raw wool jacket of exceptional quality. One of the best gifts you can give.

$210.00 on Amazon

Columbia Steens Mountain Full Zip 2.0

Did you know you can buy a fleece jacket for as little as $25? Well, you can, and you can get a darn good one from Columbia. No, not Colombia. Columbia, the sportswear company based in Portland, Oregon. The nice thing about this gift is that people will think you spent a lot more money than you did. It’s like a Christmas sleight of hand.

$25.44–$64.90 on Amazon

66 North Vik Gloves

Sure, buying gloves for Christmas is not an original idea, but most gloves are either bulky or don’t quite get the job done on colder days. These gloves from 66 North in Iceland suffer from neither of these problems. They insulate even when they’re wet, and they’re slim enough to not get in the way when switching gears on a bike or trying to unlock the front door.

$25.50 on Amazon

ExOfficio Boxer Brief

You probably shouldn’t be buying underpants for just anyone, but like socks, most men could always use another pair or two. Boxers or briefs? Coverage or support? These, from ExOfficio, are the best of both worlds. Odor-resistant, quick-drying, and wicking. Read the reviews. These are the best. Would wear again.

$26.00 on Amazon

Mountain Khakis Webbing Belt

Here’s the dilemma. You know someone who needs a belt, but most belts are too fancy. Not this one. Need to pull a tractor out of a ditch? Just use this belt. Need to open a bottle of beer? Use the belt buckle. It can even hold up a pair of pants and doesn’t look half bad either.

$19.32 on Amazon

Kenneth Cole Irridescent Check Shirt

For some people, a shirt is just a shirt, but as one review on Amazon says, this one looks more expensive than it is. Isn’t that what Christmas is all about? Standard cotton, machine washable, and available in black and the more adventurous dark orchid. That’s fancy talk for purple.

$32.06 on Amazon

Original Penguin Basic Pant

Sometimes, dress pants are too dressy, and jeans are too casual. What’s a man to do? Is there a magical garment that straddles the line? Why yes, there is. It’s called pants. Well, it’s actually called a pair of pants, but you get the idea. These are inexpensive, cotton (which means a tumble in the drier is as good as an iron), and described by one Amazon user as the best fitting pants he’s ever had.

$44.50 on Amazon

Levi’s 501 Shrink To Fit Jeans

Look up jeans on Wikipedia, and you’ll see a classic label of Levi’s 501 jeans. These are a modern take on the classic 501s that use STF denim, which means you buy them a little big to accommodate the expected shrinking that will occur afer the first wash. Make sure you suggest that the recipient of this fine gift wear them for a few months before the first wash, and you can pass along this bit of advice from the source: “The Levi Strauss company recommends avoiding washing jeans as much as possible.”

$49.19 on Amazon

RVCA That’ll Do Oxford Long Sleeve

This shirt is pretty much exactly what it says. In fact, I’m wearing this shirt right now, and I received many accolades on my way to work this morning. “Pretty okay shirt you’ve got there.” “Hey buddy, you’re not looking too shabby.” It’s praise like this that you can bestow upon someone this Christmas. Oh, and it has a button-down collar, which is nice for layering.

$54.00 on Amazon

Mountain Hardwear Melbu Stripe Hoody

Mountain Hardware has earned a stellar reputation by making some of the best outdoor clothing and equipment around, and now they make a mighty fine hoody, too. Imagine opening a hoody on a cold Christmas day. That’s the joy you can give for just a tad north of $50.

$58.00 on Amazon

Woolrich Wool Alaskan Shirt

I absolutely love shirts that are thick and rugged enough to be worn as jackets, especially around the holidays. They look good and are warm and cozy. This one is 80% wool and machine washable, plus most sizes are available for less than $100.

$89.25–$119.00 on Amazon

Gitman Oxford Shirt

That’s right, you can get a real Gitman Bros Oxford shirt on Amazon. It’s co-branded Orvis, but this is the real deal. The label says Gitman Bros, so unless you spill the beans, no one will know your secret. One of the best shirts money can buy.

$129.00 on Amazon

Camper Peu Cami

Camper has been making shoes since 1975, and the company’s origins date back to 1877, when cobbler was a cherished occupation. Today, they make some of the best shoes in the world, with many unique styles. This sneaker is stylish and comfortable.

$170.00 on Amazon

Kingsley Shoe Horn

You don’t have to wear dress shoes every day to appreciate a good shoe horn. They’re great for comfortably putting on everything from loafers to hiking boots. This is an especially nice one, described by one Amazon user as an attainable luxury. What’s great about shoe horns is that most men these days don’t use them, so they’re a perfect gift for the man who has it all.

$14.80 on Amazon

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