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Gifts for Smarty Pants

Special gifts for that special Smarty Pants in your life.

Cadence Radian Unisex Watch

These days, carrying around a device that can only tell you the local time seems a bit dated. This watch, however, is a surefire conversation starter for any math geeks within π meters of wherever you are, in addition to being a stylish accoutrement for the geek-on-the-go.

$75.00 on Amazon

Kindle Paperwhite

I’ve been a Kindle owner since day one, and it’s one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. Don’t get me wrong; there are few things I love more than holding a pulp and paper book in my hands, but after having accumulated several hundred novels over the years, the idea of lugging around just one more book the next time I move to a new place makes my forearms hurt.

$119.00 on Amazon

Cooking for Geeks: Real Science, Great Hacks, and Good Food

While most people would imagine geeks sustain themselves on nothing but Mountain Dew and Hot Pockets, the truth is that most real Smarty Pants know that proper nutrition is essential to, well, everything. But, why just cook food when you can delve into the chemistry, physics, and biology behind what you’re making? This book is a fantastic read for anyone that has wondered about how protein denaturation affects flavour and why the use of a copper bowl is a valid substitute for the use of cream of tartar in the creation of a meringue topping.

$23.63 on Amazon

FlashForge 3D Creator Printer

For the Smarty Pants who has everything, sometimes you need to go the extra mile (or ten). The FlashForge 3D printer isn’t the cheapest present, but it’s probably the most fun and interesting gift that special someone will receive for a long, long time to come. It’s almost half the price of a MakerBot and is compatible with all MakerBot files and firmware. Next year, Mr. or Ms. Smarty Pants will be able to print their own gifts instead of needing you to go out and find one for them!

$1,199.00 on Amazon

Leatherman Wingman Multi-Tool

If there’s one thing a Smarty Pants loves to do, it’s take things apart to “fix” them. The problem usually arises when they’re trying to put them back together. Make sure they have this handy-dandy pocket multi-tool around when your special someone decides to take apart your stereo to figure out where that crackling is coming from.

$24.21 on Amazon


“If only my home was as smart as I am!” This is a common complaint from the gadget-oriented Smarty Pants. Once you get them this gift, they’ll feel like Dave in 2001: A Space Odyssey, futuristic and scared that robots will soon take over the world. At least until Judgement Day arrives, the ability to control everything from small appliances, lights, monitor your front door for unexpected “guests” all from a smartphone is pretty darn awesome.

$299.00 on Amazon

Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player

We’ve all been there: You’re travelling to visit family or friends during the holidays, and all you want to do is put on some Netflix cartoons to keep the kids busy to get a few moments of sanity to yourself. The problem is that all you’ve brought is your trusty tablet, and there’s a 65" flatscreen on the wall just begging to be put to good use. Plug this little dongle into any available HDMI port on that television or connected AV receiver, hop onto the home wifi network and voilà! Stream Netflix (or Hulu, YouTube, HBO GO, Google Play Music/Movies & TV, Pandora) wirelessly and effortlessly.

$35.00 on Amazon

Snap Circuits Jr.

For that special budding Smarty Pants that loves to tinker. This kit takes the best parts of LEGO-style bricks and beginner electronics experiments to create a simple, safe and unintimidating learning environment where kids can learn a bit about electricity and circuits while working on fun projects like dual-speed fans, periodic doorbells, and more!

$20.55 on Amazon

Fisher Space Pen

I love a good pen. The delicate weight, the perfect balance, the smoothness of the ink as I press it into my notebook. I usually carry a pen around in my pocket everywhere I go, and for some reason they keep getting banged up and stop working (these frigid Canadian winters might have something to do with that). You might think that “space pen” is a bit gimmicky and outdated, but there’s a reason they were invented and why they’re still around today: They work, and they work incredibly well. If your Smarty Pants ever needs to write in less-than-ideal conditions (outside in the cold, upside-down on a ladder, submerged under 10m of water looking for lost treasure), then this is the last pen they’ll ever need.

$15.22 on Amazon

Field Notes Expedition 3 Pack

The problem with Smarty Pants is that they’re always getting ideas, and they’re always forgetting what those ideas were. With these awesome little notebooks, there’s no excuse for forgetting anything: They’re waterproof (seriously!), tearproof and even resistant to fire and acid, meaning that these things are about as indestructible as notebooks can get. Pair these with the Fisher Space Pen, and your Smarty Pants will have the ability to take notes while underwater diving in the Bering Sea to observe the mating patterns of spotted seals.

$9.95 on Amazon

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