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A collection of thoughtful and delightful gifts for designers.

Multiple Signatures: On Designers, Authors, Readers and Users Paperback

What does it mean to be a designer in the world today? In the tradition of John Berger’s Ways of Seeing, Michael Rock (founder of 2x4 Design in New York) explores the development of twenty-first-century visual and design culture. In this engaging and humorous volume, all aspects of modern design are examined, from typography to the evolution of screens through a series of smart and often irreverent essays and images. Multiple Signatures challenges standard ways of understanding design and inspires readers to think of graphic design as a building block for all creative disciplines.

$25.75 on Amazon

Jawbone BIG JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Big Jambox is a portable speaker perfect for work sessions, conference calls, or parties. It uses Bluetooth to turn any phone, tablet, or mobile device into a portable, hi-fi sound system. Enjoy hands-free calls and video chats using Skype and FaceTime. It comes in several colorways and has great looks and a sound to match. Precision-tuned drivers and dual passive bass radiators work in concert to produce amazingly clear, full audio at any volume. So, turn it up and burn the midnight oil! Battery lasts up to 15 hours on a full charge.

$249.99 on Amazon

Jack Spade Swiss with Flap Briefcase

Ready to move beyond that messenger bag? If you need a solid, functional bag for your laptop (mobile office), this one is highly recommended. It is made of sturdy twill and is plenty durable with modern styling. There is lots of room in the main pocket, and it swallows large files. Understated, classic.

$375.00 on Amazon

Sony MDR-V6 Monitor Series Headphones

Music and stimulating sounds can be really important to keep focused on current tasks and make creative bursts last much longer. A good set of headphones are essential to this. Enter the MDR-V6, a product first introduced in 1985 that has endured the test of time. These full-size headphones sound great and are comfortable to wear for hours on end. The sound is very well-balanced and crisp, a great value for the cost.

$88.33 on Amazon

Karma Wi-Fi Hotspot

Karma is a 4G mobile hotspot that makes mobile Wi-Fi social. Your network is open by default, and for every shared connection you earn free data. It runs on a rechargeable 8-hour battery and can connect up to 8 devices simultaneously. It’s available in over 80 US cities. There is no contract, and you only pay for what you consume. It’s a delight to use in crowded cafés or at conferences when lots of people hop on your device and you get tons of free data!

$99.00 on Amazon

Drobo Mini 4-bay Storage Array

This portable storage solution has everything that’s in the high-capacity Drobo 5D in a package that’s the size of a deli sandwich. Weighing in at about 3 pounds (fully loaded with drives installed), you can now carry up to 3TB of usable and protected capacity in your travel bag. It’s Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 equipped for fast transfer speeds. The drive bays are hot swappable, and you can use any capacity drives you choose. With single- or dual-drive redundancy, Drobo Mini protects your data without any user interaction, even in the event of multiple drive failures.

$269.99 on Amazon

mStand Laptop Stand

mStand transforms laptops into stunning desktop counterparts of the iMac and Cinema Display with its complementary elegant curves and anodized aluminum finish. The single piece design solidly holds a laptop while the aluminum panel acts as a heat sink to keep the laptop cool. A cable hole in the back of the stand routes wires to reduce clutter. mStand raises the screen 5.9 inches (150 mm) to meet the user’s eye level, thus promoting better posture, while its tilt design brings the screen closer for easier viewing. The design leaves room underneath which is great for extra storage or a keyboard.

$44.05 on Amazon

Leuchtturm Medium Notebook Plain

Most ideas start on paper. Leuchtturm helps you get organized with numbered pages and a set of stickers for the cover and spine that allow for clear labeling and archiving. High-quality 70 gsm paper ensures that fountain pens and roller balls can be used without bleeding through the page. Other details include an expandable pocket inside back cover, a page marker, and an elastic closure.

$24.49 on Amazon

Stanley Bostitch AntiJam Standard Booklet Stapler

A classic-looking, yet feature-packed stapler, its design and construction allow it to staple up to 20 sheets with ease. It’s perfect for assembling booklets, brochures, or mockups. A versatile Dual Clinch system easily adjusts with just a simple twist for either permanent or temporary stapling.

$40.86 on Amazon

Staedtler Mars 780 Technical Mechanical Pencil 2mm

This takes your basic pencil a bit further. It’s a technical pencil with a built-in lead pointer. Great for drawing, sketching, and writing. It comes with 2mm #2 lead, but a variety of hardnesses are available. At 2mm, its lead is thicker than usual for a mechanical pencil, making it harder to snap the lead accidentally. It also has a metal clip, push-button advance, and a nice grip zone to reduce slippage.

$8.68 on Amazon

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