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Apple of My Eye

A small collection of iPhone accessories to make the most of the camera you carry in your pocket.

Glif Tripod Mount for iPhone 5

Simply put, if you know someone who is getting a bit more serious about iPhone photography, this is the first and best gift you should buy. It opens up a whole world of accessories, because it gives the iPhone the ability to connect to tripods and everything else made for cameras. Be sure you know which phone your giftee has, because there’s a different Glif for the iPhone 4 and 4s.

$20.00 on Amazon

GorillaPod Magnetic Flexible Tripod

GorillaPods are inexpensive, flexible tripods, and I love them. There are various sizes available, and this is the smallest. In fact, this tiny GorillaPod is small enough to fit in your pocket, and the magnetic feet are a really nice touch. I also own a couple of other GorillaPods, but I use this one the most, because it’s so small and portable.

$24.95 on Amazon

Joby Ball Head with Bubble Level

When you’re using a GorillaPod, a ball head is not strictly necessary, because you can always bend and twist the GorillaPod until you get the position you want, but it can be a real hassle. This affordable gadget lets you easily adjust to get the perfect shot without the hassle, and it even has a bubble level to help you keep things straight.

$24.00 on Amazon

Camalapse 3

This inexpensive gadget is great for time lapse videos. It simply rotates slowly, just like a timer. It even makes a ticking noise. The results are pretty fantastic.

$29.99 on Amazon

Muku Shuttr Wireless Remote

When you start making fun videos with your iPhone, one of the biggest problems is how to interact with an app without disrupting the shot. I used to ruin the end of my videos by touching the screen (once to wake it, and again to stop the shoot) and would then just edit that part out. This tiny device changed all that. I just turn my phone’s Bluetooth on (since I usually leave it disabled), turn this thing on, and I’ve got a reliable wireless remote.

$39.99 on Amazon

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